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As a member of Saltsjöns Marinpool you share boat with the other members of the boat pool. You get access to both motor boats and sail boats and don’t get stuck with one particular boat.

You can sail one day and drive a motor boat on the next day – if you want! For the whole season, without having to think about care or maintenance.

Winter storage, launching, waxing, antifouling, etc. You don’t need to think about either of it, we do it for you! We take care of the boats, ownership and maintenance so you can focus on enjoying the boats.


Boats in the pool

see our boatsChoose the category that fits your need and use all the boats in that category. Tender-membership gives you access to the boats in the Tender category. Membership in Comfort or Premium gives you possibility of booking the smaller boats also.

Saltsjöns Marinpool boats are modern motor and sailboasts. All the boats in the pool are equipped with GPS, lifevests, pentry, etc.

Today we can offer boats in tree sizes, for many purpose. From open motorboat with 5 meters to sailboat with 32 feet.


Check out the pool boats


Share boat and share cost

The annual fee gives you your share of boat time. The number of members per boat is max 5.


Annual feeDeposit
Tender25 000kr10 000kr
Comfort37 000kr10 000kr
Premium49 000kr20 000kr

Prices includes VAT and no aditional fees. Dock, storage, service, maintanence, insurance, boat equipments and boat classes are included. The deposit is refunded in case you quit the membership.

Membership contract is annual.

Special contracts are offer for companies. Contact us for mor information!

Compare costs of having your own boat.

How the booking system works?

Our booking system is adapted to modern boat usage. Most people want to use the boats frequently but not for long periods at once.

You can book 10 days at the time. Days can be distributed over max 3 occasions at time. When you start your first booked day you can book a new day, and so on. Works like laudry room booking time, same having 10 keys. There is no limitation for booking days or occasions per season. It’s available even  “last-minute-booking” that consists of time can be booked closest 3 days before without limitation of the other booking rules.

In order to have a fair booking system we’ve set up these restrictions.


  • Max 30 pass booked at any time
  • Max 10 of these on weekends
    (weekend is friday from 4PM until sunday night)
  • Max 3 bookings at any time
  • Max 2 bookings in wekends at any time
  • No limit of passes per season
  • No limit of bookings per season
  • 3 days last-minute bookings

Ones own bookings are seen as green in the calendar and others as grey.


Nautical classNautical class

Some new members of Saltjöns Marinpool will do our classes on navigation and boat handling. Working with Navigationsgruppen we have started our own classes adapted to our members. Classes are very practical and focus on giving a basic knowledge of security.


Read more about classes here.