Yacht Partner conceptBoat service

Our concept Yacht Partner provides full boat service to companies and private persons who own, or are about to buy, a boat or yacht.

To have a yacht registered to a company have previously been difficoult in Sweden becaus of tax laws. However, we have created a service and contracts that makes this possible.

Therefore, owning a yacht can now also become a lucrative deal in combination with our rental services.

Full boat service

We plan and take care of all maintenance for your yacht. We handle everything from engine service to negotating insurance terms, booking winter storage or installing new equipment. That way you don’t need to chase shipyards, insurans company or service suppliers. One call or email and we’ll take care of your yachts every need.


Rental brokerage

If you are not using your yacht the whole season we’ll manage renting it out the vacant weeks. That way you can easaly cover the expenses assoiciated to the yacht. With six or more weeks of rental you can start making a profit too, after all costs deducted.


Shared boat ownership

To share a boat can be profitable in many ways. It’s more economicaly sound, less work and more environmentally friendly.
Share a boat with others and let us take care of the maintenance. That way you will know your boats is professionally serviced and you will have no disagreements with others on how the boat is kept.


Contact us for more information on how we can help you!

Or read more about the concept on www.yachtpartner.se